Graphic Design

The agency’s in-house graphic designers can brand or rebrand your company from start to finish with creativity and passion. They can design everything from logos to marketing collateral to complete new corporate identities, as you require. Colours, typeface and graphic treatment are all evaluated to ensure that values and personality of the brand is portrayed effectively.

Print Advertising

We don’t just create pages or spreads that look good; we develop effective print advertising campaigns using proven advertising tactics.

TV Advertising

At ODA Advertising we have devised strategies to bring our clients’ advertising campaigns onto the screen, without the big budgets normally associated with this highly effective medium.


Our Agency does more than just design creative billboards. We create effective concepts and strategies, which influence consumers in favour of your brand.


No matter how great your advertising is; it can be forgotten about in an instant once your customers reach the store. Great package design ensures your product gets noticed and reached at the critical point of purchase. At ODA Advertising we work with various shapes, sizes and materials to create a functional and attractive package for your product, ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves whilst standing on the shelf.

Digital Media

The ever broadening spectrum of electronic media available has provided opportunities to connect with specific audience segments in compelling and effective ways. This has allowed us to offer our clients a wide range of media options tailor made to suit a specific target market or strategy - as well as their budget.

Social Media Management

The agency approaches social media as an integrated strategy that first analyses all aspects of your marketing and advertising to develop a well-planned, well-coordinated initiative. From social media identity and branding to content strategy, implementation, management and monitoring, we’ll develop a full-scale social media schedule that will leverage your existing customer base, and grow your audience.

Responsive Web Design

Our web development team can design and develop fully responsive websites.  A well executed design is only part of the equation. Dedicated hosting, continuous monitoring and rock-solid code keep your sites - and your business - up and running.

As an agency, we have built, host and manage numerous websites. From a design standpoint, we are capable of developing everything from simple, template-based websites to fully customised sites.

Brand Advertising

Very often the only difference between competing brands is their advertising. Depending on the perception that is created by the consumer determines if your advert was effective. At ODA Advertising we ensure that your advertising, correctly positions your brand, differentiating it from the rest.

Retail Advertising

At ODA Advertising, we realise that the ad must, by nature, move product and for this reason must be structured and direct. But it must also appeal to the consumer and to achieve this we approach each of our retail ads with the same creative effort that we would use on brand ads.

Print Buying

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry we have fine tuned our ability to source print from a range of our preferred quality printers.

Electronic Newsletters

Newsletters are a wonderful, informative way to interact with your clients on a regular basis, giving them interesting information and news relevant to your product or service. At ODA Advertising we focus on effective copywriting, personalisation, clear call to actions, and version testing to produce high email opens and click-throughs.

E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce websites are the most effective solutions for elevating the shopping experience for your customers. With a website designed for usability, you will start converting more visitors into loyal customers.