Global Network

MAGNET gives ODA Advertising the opportunity to advertise on a global scale!

MAGNET is a community of the world’s most successful independent advertising agencies working together!


MAGNET, the Marketing & Advertising Global Network, is one of the world’s leading independent advertising agency networks. It began when a group of farsighted advertising leaders
formed an independent network where agency principal leaders could talk freely and share pertinent information and resources about their business.

As one of the world’s most successful independent networks, MAGNET member agencies revenues are approximately $4 billion and represent over 100 global brands. It’s a business
partnership of non-competitive, independent advertising and marketing agencies from around the world including the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, Russia and
the Pacific Rim.

The network is built on the concept that shared knowledge and intelligence creates powerful insights for both agency and client growth. MAGENT provides a way for member agencies
principals to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas at three meetings a year. The network also conducts various workshops on various topics such as media, creative, HR and finance
for member agency employees.

Working together, MAGNET agencies provide a personal, hands-on approach in sharing ideas and offers its member’s clients value through the ability to tailor marketing and advertising
strategies to local markets and cultures. This is only possible due to the close working relationships shared among the MAGNET agency partners, and the agreements in place to drive
collaboration and global resource sharing.

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