ODA Goes Global

15 January 2018

ODA Advertising was recently invited to the MAGNET (Marketing Advertising Global Network) Autumn conference held in San Francisco, U.S.A, where we demonstrated our agency credentials. Following our presentation, we were successfully voted in as the newest member of MAGNET.

MAGNET is an international network of 46 independent advertising agencies from the U.S.A, Europe, Korea, China, South America, Australia and the Pacific Rim. MAGNET is one of the worldís most successful independent networks with over 800 clients with a spend of 2 billion US dollars.

As of October 2017, ODA Advertising now represents MAGNET in South Africa. John OíDonoghue, ODA Managing Director said, ìThis is very exciting for us; the advertising world is changing at such a rapid rate, that being an independent agency could find you as an agency being left behind. As a member of MAGNET, we are continually learning from each other, discussing marketing trends, sharing best practices while enjoying access to propriety processes and techniques. We are also able to collaborate, maximising current revenue streams with new business opportunities across the membership. During my short visit to San Francisco, I made some great connections within the MAGNET group. We can now effortlessly make contact with MAGNET members all over the world to discuss all things advertising.î

With this new knowledge, we can now develop advertising campaigns that are now more effective than ever before. We also have the fantastic opportunity to service clients who are looking to international expansion.

In summary, being part of an International Organisation such as MAGNET, will not only benefit ODA as an agency but also our clients.


j1 j2
John O'Donoghue at the Google Headquarters in San Francisco MAGNET delegates listening to presentation
j3 j4
Google staff bicycle Rabia Mainwaring, Agency Lead for Google
presents Googles "Creating a Culture of innovation"
j5 j6
Google staircase MAGNET members at Google, San Francisco
j7 j8
John O'Donoghue celebrating with
MAGNET members
John O'Donoghue with Joanne Kim
President of Magnet

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